A Look At Our Product Range This covers general requirements for steel wire rope for use in cranes, excavators and other general engineering purpose. We manufacture the wire Rope for general engineering purposeright from 0.5mm to 80mm dia of all popular constructions/ grade/ core.

Engineering Section :

 A.  Round Strand Equal Lay

6x19 (9/9/1), 6x19(12/6+6F/1)
6x31 (12/6 and 6/6/1)
6x36 (14/7+7/7/1)
6x41 (16/8 + 8/8/1)


B. Multi Strand (Non-Rotating)

17x7, 18x7, 34x7, 36x7

Shipping Section :


A. Construction with Steel Core

7x7 (6/1), 7x19 (12/6/1) 7x37 (18/12/1)



B. Round Strand

6x12 (12/Fibre) 6x19 (12/6/1), 6x24 (15/9/Fibre) 6x37 (18/12/6/1)



Lift and Elevator Section :

A.  Round Strand Equal Lay

6x19 (9/9/1), 6x19 (12/9 + 6F/1)
8x19 (9/9/1), 8x19 (6 and 6/6/1) of
8x19 (12/6 + 6F/1 with Fibre Core


Mining Section :

A. Round Strand

6x7 (6/1)


B. Round Strand Equal Lay

6x15 (7/7/1), 6x17 (8/8/1)



Stainless Steel Rope :

Our organization is engaged in offering an   extensive range of Stainless Steel Ropes.
These ropes find their wide application in many  areas like construction, material handling  equipment, conveyors, lifts and many others. Our  range Stainless Steel Ropes are available in  different sizes,



 Wire Rope Slings :

A Type: With Heavy Thimble

B Type: With Ordinary Thimble

C Type: With Soft Eye


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